What Does Onii Chan Mean

What Does Onii Chan Mean

What is the meaning of wool chain and ni chain in teaching?

"0nii Chen" is someone else's older brother and "Ni Chen" [Wen Chan] is the older sister.

When referring to elder brother, 'Ani Chen' is used and elder sister is 'Ani Chen'.

The word 'Chen' is used after the given name to call children affectionately. Also used after the word parent for young children.

The world "san" is also used after a specific name.

Therefore, "Oni Chen" and "Oni San" are the same person.

Also, "One China" and "One Sun" are the same.

In this language, the word "or" becomes a noun, verb or. involved in

Ad features to show respect, humility or politeness

Therefore, 'Oni Chen' and 'Aini Chen' are one and the same person.

What Does Onii Chan Mean