What Does Obstinate Mean

What Does Obstinate Mean

What does permanent mean?

If you describe someone as stubborn, criticize them for being more determined to do what you want to do and decide to change your mind or agree to do something else.

Old. He is stubborn and determined and does not give up.

Old. She is a cruel and stubborn girl.

Old. I stayed in my room with the phone.

2. When things get hard to move, you can call them stubborn. Altered or destroyed.

Example: A hard rusty form machine.

What Does Obstinate Mean

What Does Obstinate Mean

Permanent meaning


This determination


In the head

Not flexible


Not sensitive




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What Does Obstinate Mean

What Does Obstinate Mean

Definition of stubbornness

- Feature 1. Sticking to a purpose, opinion, etc. Do not give up on arguments, beliefs or requests.

2. Characterized by complex persistence or flexible study, stubbornness or instability: defense of stubbornness against high rates.

3. Not easy to control or control: Growth

like. Don't give up like you're sick.

1: Otherwise, follow the opinion, purpose or argument, argument or belief

2: Not easy to master, fix or delete

Resistant to change of mind. Counter It is not flexible. It is not flexible.

obà· sti · nato [stbstinà ™ t]


Persistence: Commitment to reject or accept the wishes of others

change: Resistance to change: You don't want to change ideas, such as ideas or studies

3. Difficult to control: Difficult to control, eliminate, resolve or treat

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What Does Obstinate Mean