What Does Obo Mean

What Does Obo Mean

What does OBO mean? Is my car worth 2500? I have a bid of 2500, can I wait and if I get more?

Or the best deal. When you say you want to sell your car for 500 2,500 you mean you want 500 2,500 for it, but if no one does at the moment accept the best offer below. You will ask for 2,500 ... if someone offers to pay for it, take it! If you think the price of a car can be high, then your standards should be higher.

A good strategy for selling a car is to ask for a higher price.

Killing a guy who offers you everything he asks for can send a mixed signal. You feel that you are not a serious seller.

OBO stands for Order Best Offer. The word $ 2,500 could be OBO. In other words, if someone is not willing to pay 500 2,500, the seller will accept the best offer.

$ 2,500 OBO means you receive $ 2,500, but get the best deal, even the lowest. You will not receive more than 500 2,500, and if that person responds to your request, they will likely sell you.

OBO = or best offer. No, you don't have to sell, but I suggest you accept the offer. You explained it, and now he doesn't.

Or the best deal. And yes, you can wait until you get a better deal.

It sells for $ 2,500 or $ 25,000. Difference g

When there is no better offer. He will offer 2500 because of this.

This is the best and only offer. But when does the offer end? :})

What Does Obo Mean

What Does Obo Mean

Advertising in a newspaper or on a Craigslist does not require you to sell to anyone. I think you're wasting your time if you think someone is going to call you for an offer of more than 500 2,500.

Or the best deal. They want 500 2,500, but they're OK with the best deal.

OBO or the best offer, for example, helps.

OBO means your best offer.

No, technically yes. Adjustable goblins up to 500 2,500.

What Does Obo Mean