What Does Mortgage Mean In Monopoly

What Does Mortgage Mean In Monopoly

What does it mean in a monopoly board game: mortgage, no mortgage, no fixed property? 3

I have read the rules of the Monopoly click game and it works like this: Pay the rent:

If you land on another player's property, that player will charge you according to your ■■■■ card list.

If the property is provided as security, you will not be able to collect the rent. If the property is mortgaged, your action will take place before the offer.

It is useful to keep all ■■■■ cards in one color group (for example, Board Walk and Park Place or Connecticut, Vermont and Eastern Avenues) because property listings that are not classified in this color group are rented. It can be doubled. This principle applies to non-overload properties even if other features are weighed in this color group.

No guarantee: Property condition. Once you have purchased the property, you can collect the rent.

Mortgage: You get a loan from a bank using your property as collateral. Usually, you get half of the sale of the property as a loan and in return, you have to return your card and you are unable to collect the rent. You can cancel a mortgage on a property by paying a 10% fee in addition to the mortgage.

Not better: unused roadside property or the like. If you have a monopoly on the case, you cannot double your train and utility fares. Follow the rules of the cards to determine what you have.

Not updated = oed, but not used or something

Mortgage loan = partially resold to bankers, usually to add the necessary nodes to pay rent to other players on the land on which they land. The mortgage amount required for the property is listed on the back of the property card. The listing can later pay a fee to buy it back (I think it was an e-sale), and some rules say that other people can buy a mortgaged property if they end up there. Promised properties do not count as a benefit to the Color Pool, and if another property in the Color Group owns a building, you cannot mortgage the property (you can sell the building first and then mortgage later).

Unsafe = Disorganized. This is a common condition for any property purchased.

Property not updated.

When you mortgage it, hand it over and get the money on your back (half the value of the property). Plus 10% EG interest: To read Railroad you need to pay $ 110 to cancel the mortgage because the mortgage amount is 100 bs and 10% of 100 is 10, so 100 + 10 = 110

Undocumented means that there is no benefit in having a monopoly on unsecured property and unsecured resources

But I helped

Just what he said. When you buy someone else's property, you are mortgaged. If you buy from a bank, there is no guarantee, and if you have no use or something like that, it will not be better.

What Does Mortgage Mean In Monopoly