What Does Modest Mean

What Does Modest Mean

What does humility mean?

That means you are not a whore. You have a humble opinion of yourself.

Person A: Wow, you're 97 on the exam!

Humble person: Well ... the exam is not so difficult.

Person A: Wow, you got 97 in the exam!

Gart: Yes! to meet!!!! I'm the best @ # @ ## # @ # @ # @ #You are my idiot 97 !!!

MDR =)

What is a weak person?

In real life, people reverse the meaning of humility.

Some have described their successes as trivial by others. This is ironic because it actually means the opposite. View article View

Person 1 I am so beautiful!

Guys 2 Wow, you're so helpless!


Limit yourself to property, don't do it.

Forward, brave, courageous or arrogant, pulling away instead of moving forward, not clumsy as a humble young man is a humble man.


Eliminate obscenity, indecency, or obscenity in women's plans and behavior.

Mrs. Ford, the nesting woman, the humble woman. Shake it

The radiant beauty of a humble virgin. Dry


Show humility in front of actors, writers or announcers to atone for arrogance that is neither excessive nor moderate, a humble request for humble pleasures.

Synchronization Bush shy Bush with shy features in a righteous tradition.

Definitions: 1. Has a negative opinion of himself 2. Has the character of modesty and is not smart or arrogant 3. Is not tall or arrogant 4. Generally does not mind behavior or appearance

Synonyms: simple, shy, friendly, unparalleled, unparalleled, reasonable, moderate, straightforward, wise, polite, appropriate

Synonyms: shameless, obscene, obscene, ambitious, trembling, excessive, obscene

Tip: Simple is the correct word to describe someone who is weak and does not try to attract other people's attention. A humble person tries to be proud, not arrogant. People who are afraid to reveal their personality are also called helpless.

Request Example:

Given his wealth, he lived a very simple life. Adverb (unpretentious, unpretentious)

The gift seemed expensive, but it was simple. (Reasonable, moderate) Verb

He was never recognized for his hard work because despite all his achievements he was very humble. (Polite, kind)

I took a piece of plain cake because I didn't want my tea. (Moderate, not too much)

Small business, without pomp, humility, middle ground, without arrogance, without cunning,

Not in a simple, smooth way.

Give me strength

What Does Modest Mean

What Does Modest Mean

What Does Modest Mean