What Does Mean In Texting

What Does Mean In Texting

What does RY mean in subtitles?

The word RY is used in subtitles, slang means you, test message.

What does HKM mean in SMS?

HKM stands for:

Meaning of rank abbreviation
***** HKM Ministry of Culture of Hesse
**** HKM Music by Hans Kusters
**** HKM Heroes of Kore Mud
*** HKM Halau Ku Mana
What does Icbfwnntbfwnbcmpwtgtlypiiym the same way in SMS?

You lost me after you took the liberty of doing itSecondly, what does IF mean in a text message?

IF WHERE. And for . Internet »Chat. Tariff: AS.

What is KK in SMS?

The online acronym Kk simply means ok or confirmed message. It’s like nodding in person or saying cool, gotcha, etc. It is common to think of kk or KK as short for SMS or when playing online games.

What does LDK mean in the text?

I do not know. I don’t know it’s used in the slang acronym Internet. The word ldk is used in acronym, slang, internet, which means I don’t know.

What does DTFO mean?

DTFO. DTFO Dip The ■■■■ Out, the process of leaving a place.

What does WHK mean in SMS?

WHK stands for: Rank Abbreviation Meaning * WHK White Hot Knife * WHK West High Knights * WHK Williams Hatchman Kean * WHK Wassersportverein Hanse Kogge

What does UTS stand for in subtitles?

Under the Skin

What Does God Mean?

my, (oh, my) An interjection that expresses surprise, disbelief, or joy.

What does 9 mean in SMS?

Meaning of 9 9 means parenting So now you know that 9 means parents can’t see, thank you.

What does YHW mean in subtitles?

Abbreviation. The interest. ***** YHW. Your home on the Internet.

What does 3 mean in SMS?

What is he doing?

do you mean in the subtitles?

| ?

Meaning - Star Emoji Star Emoji means star, night sky, night, space, sleep, fame and feminine decoration. This emoji can accompany the text with any of the above elements.

What does :slight_smile: mean here in a text?

The meaning of :slight_smile: :slight_smile: means happy. So now you know :slight_smile: means Happy, don’t thank us.

So the question is what does this symbol mean :)?

:slight_smile: means smile So now you know :slight_smile: means smile, don’t thank us.

YW! What does it mean ______________?

:slight_smile: is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that was explained above :slight_smile: definition is given.

Also, what do 3 dots mean in subtitles?

The ellipse, a series of three points, represents an omitted part of the text, but much can be carried over from the omission. He asks the recipient of the message to enter the text, so he is very sociable and potentially affectionate.

What are the symbols in SMS?

List of common symbols for SMS meanings

Message icon
ask me something DUTY
And & or +
Everyone NE1
East R.

What Does Mean In Texting