What Does Maknae Mean

What Does Maknae Mean

I think it's Korean ... what does maknae mean? 3

I think it's Korean ... what does maknae mean?

Ahh! I think it's more English than Korean. It sounds like an English phrase using a Korean word. Give me a chance to explain.

> First of all, no Korean word ends with the sound of grass. _ I think the English word is ace.

maknae ("" Â'Â ") is a Korean word that refers to the smallest group of people (eg family, club, group). Some say

The word is best known to non-Koreans through Kpop (Korean pop music), where they recognize the word Maknae as the youngest member of an ideal group (such as Max Changmin of TVXQ, Wonder Girls' SoHee, SHINee's Taemin or 2NE1's Manzi).

maknae (an ideal group in this context), young people, usually get a lot of attention from fans, especially when they show very childish cunning in front of the cameras. The group's butter usually gets a lot of attention (compared to the rest of the group) and that's something (slightly) smaller for fans of non-Korean Idol groups. Group, congregation. Idol group.

Just that. I think that's the right context. _ I see it helps!

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I think it's in English.

I'm not Korean, but I read allkpop and maknae, for example, the youngest in a group. Deportation, I think, means the tendency to like young people.


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What Does Maknae Mean

What Does Maknae Mean

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Because these are English and Korean words and they mean soing or I prefer someone, for example: my exo is d.o ungsoo so you mean my favorite

What Does Maknae Mean