What Does M Mean

What Does M Mean

What do K and M mean when they talk about numbers? Example: 100k d.?

Use of Greek prefix:

K serrate is per kg, which is 1000. way to

M is SRT for mega, which means 1,000,000

But in Roman numerals, M stands for 1000. I usually work with a large number (I'm a banker), so I usually use M and MM after the M number for a million (shaving and y).

So if someone is using M alone, it is better to find out what it means.

It has been in the US sales industry for over 30 years. I see that M and K are used for 1000. This is very common in American companies I know.

I know that M-Mega or 1 million is used in the International System of Units (SI), but it is not often used in the United States.

I only watch MM for a million in a million or a million.

I think it could change if we decide to change the metric system, but I haven't held my breath.

An SI prefix (also called a metric prefix) is a specified name or symbol that is added to a unit of measure (or its symbol) to divide by more than one decimal. The acronym SI comes from the French-speaking system Système International D'Unités (also called Système International D'Unités). SI is used to reduce the previous z to the equivalent of numbers. For example, one millionth of an ampere (small electric current) can be written as 0.0000000 001 AMP. It is written as a symbol 0.0000 000 001 A. With the former SI, this is equivalent to 1 nanampire or 1 NA. The SI is formerly controlled by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (Prime Minister, also known as the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) and was the subject of four resolutions from 1960 to 1992. ۔

1000n scale 10n former Srent long scale

10002106 Mega Million Million 1,000,000

10001103 kg - of Tswand 1000

Why don't people know what to answer? For example, when Forbes says a company is worth $ 1.85 billion, what does that mean in numbers rather than estimates?

The use of K to represent financial effect or the amount of dollars is totally illegal. If k means a thousand pounds in the novel, it has no effect on money. It has been misquoted.

What Does M Mean

What Does M Mean

k = tosand

Meters = millions


What Does M Mean