What Does Literally Mean

What Does Literally Mean

What does it literally mean?

This means that what you say means 100%. For example, consider these two sentences:

I'm really dying, I mean your death

I'm practically dying, that is, someone is tired after a race, for example, symbolically dead.

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Literally word for word: Translated literally from the Greek side.

Literally or emphatically, don't underestimate my impressions.

Application problem solved completely: There are people in the world who don't really know how to boil water (Craig Callivern).

Application Problems It is used as a severe or symbolic expression.

Example of

Her name is spelled literally translator, and then she is considered a husband or sister.

- Recent changes to Consropedia [D]

Chile - The Spanish-Peruvian Court of Justice, which literally means fear, refers to the indigenous belief that mothers transmitted fear to their children through milk, winning the Golden Bear for Best Picture in Berlin in February.

- Inter Press IPS service

Its literal translation is Lord of Light.

Meaning like real or real life. For example, when someone says, Oh my God, I told you once, it literally means they really said it once, it wasn't an exaggeration, or it's just metal. Was Or if someone hits someone in the race and says I kicked him, they don't kick him, they just say it means he won the race. But if they say they really did, then they really did. MDR

It really means.

How did this really happen?

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Come back:

What does it literally mean?

I've heard my friends say this all the time ...

Please use an example and explain the meaning

Thank you very much (:

What Does Literally Mean

What Does Literally Mean

Really means really / really ... Boyfriend really means lover

What Does Literally Mean