What Does Lethargic Mean

What Does Lethargic Mean

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I know it has something to do with health and I've heard people use it a lot, but what does that mean?

I'm an animal planet man [love this channel!] And I still use it in the doctor's office.

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Slowness means inactivity or slowness and no desire to move or move fast. I feel sluggish when I drink coffee.

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The word yagio is used to describe a variety of ailments in everyday life, ranging from a general condition of lethargy to a burning sensation in some muscles. Physically, igue describes the fact that you continue to work at a normal level of comfort in bed due to increasing hard work. It is common everywhere in daily life but is usually very noticeable during strenuous exercise.

This can be stressful when you do things that require constant attention, such as: B driving. When a person is very tired, they may experience micro-sleep (decrease in concentration). However, objective cognitive tests should be performed to differentiate the disease's neurological deficit from fatigue.

Laziness means the result of coma, illness or hypnosis.

Slack (adjective)

Tired / tired / cheap / low energy.

What Does Lethargic Mean

What Does Lethargic Mean

Quality or condition sleep and strange, sluggish and lack of energy, or indifferent and sluggish, sluggish or sluggish in being active.

Inactive, lethargic, sleepy.

This means limping as if unable to move freely.

What Does Lethargic Mean