What Does Latter Mean

What Does Latter Mean

what is the meaning of this? ۔

What does it mean if there are two cycles and one chooses the last one or something?

Select ____?

Usually second on the list of 2 items.

His and hers. He will be the second, he will be the first.

Many good answers are already here, but still:

Technically, the latter is a term used to describe or refer to a nickname that is spoken, mentioned in a sentence list, or consists of several names.

For example, my friends in the sentence are Tom, Bob and Jim, the last one is my favorite, my favorite friend is Jim because he is the last person on the list.

It is not limited to rude people, it is limited to the above names. For example, in the phrase I love my car, I use it and my parents, especially the latter, mean the most beloved parents.

I see you solved a little bit of a problem for those who need it.


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What Does Latter Mean