What Does Kailani Mean

What Does Kailani Mean

What does the name Leilani mean?

Origin and meaning of Leilani The name Leilani is a female proper name of Hawaiian origin and means a celestial flower.

Likewise, you may be wondering where the name Leilani comes from?

Origin of the name Leilani: Name composed of the Hawaiian elements lani (air, air, celestial majesty, spiritual) and lei (crown of flowers and leaves, crown): hence the celestial lei.

How common is the name Leilani?

Leilani became the most popular as a baby name in 2015 when usage increased 117%. That year 1,794 babies were named Leilani, or 0.049% of all babies born in the United States that year. The most popular names of all time are up 0.054%, with over 2,000 girls calling themselves Leilani this year alone.

He also asked: Is Leilani a flower?

Leilani is a Hawaiian female name that translates as celestial flowers of the element Lani (air, air) and Lei (flowers, crown). Previously, the ancient Hawaiian people had lived autonomously and peacefully for over 1,000 years.

What does Laloni mean?

User Submitted Meanings According to a user from Michigan, USA, the name Laloni is of English origin and means beautiful flower.

How do you pronounce Leilani?

I say layLAHNee :slight_smile: I pronounce Kailani {middle name of my niece} KYlahnee, but it seems that many people also pronounce it kuhLAHNee. I knew a Leilani and she pronounced it “LayLAHNee”. She is a lovely name!

How do you spell Leilani correctly?

The name Leilani means heavenly flower. Other English forms are the abbreviation Lei and the spelling variants Lealani, Lelani and Lelonni. The spelling variant Leylani (Hawaiian) is a strange form. See also related categories Celestial (Holy), Hawaiian and Flower.

What does Leilani mean in Hebrew?

Leilani definition: celestial boredom (flowers), real child.

Is Leilani a good name?

The name Leilani is a female proper name of Hawaiian origin and means a heavenly flower. Leilani is growing in popularity with the trend for female names starting even better with the country and including two L.s

what is Leilani’s last name?

Family life Comes from California. Her surname is Green, but she has become better known on the Internet as the surname Castro. She started dating Reed Woehrle in 2019.

What does Kailani mean in Hawaiian?

The name Kailani is a Hawaiian Baby Names baby name. In Hawaiian names, the meaning of the name Kailani means: sea and sky.

What Does Kailani Mean