What does it mean when FedEx say “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider"?

"Tendered to Delivery Service Provider" the word tendered means extend, delivery means distribution and service provider is a company that provide services to another party. So the main job of a Tendered to delivery service provider is the goods or parcel has been sent to another service provider firm to carry out last delivery. Tendered to Delivery Service Provider may be a small and organized by self-employed people delivered parcel to final destination by using their own vehicle. The size of that parcel may be small like- t-shirt, polo shirt, shoes, bags, dress etc. There are a number to top rated Tendered to delivery service provider in UK maximum of theme are private organisation. They use their won transport to delivered parcel/goods to the last destination. Have some government delivery service they deliver own document to their government purpose.Tendered to delivery service provider refers when you order a product from a company then the company packeted it and deliver to tendered delivery service provider. Tendered to Delivery Service Provider sent it to local courier service to delivered final destination. It mean your parcel is delivered but waiting for someone to delivered doorstep. When you order something form some popular Tendered To Delivery Service Provider like Ali Express, Amazon, Ebay or any others service provider that your product doesn’t reach to you in a single steam. It comes passing through several intermediate services provider and then finally come to you. To complete full delivery it need some days. At the last delivery partner is your last mile partner. With the help of last mile partner your product is to your hand. It is seams tendered delivery service provider to final delivery. FedEx is a U.S.A based global tendered to delivery service provider headquartered in Memphis in Tennessee. FedEx is formerly known as “Federal Express” and established in 2000. Founder of this company is Frederick W. Smith . Normally FedEx take 7 working days to deliver a parcel to destination. It’s depends on the distance of the destination. 4PX is a global express partnership between 4XP with international logistic Tendered to delivery service provider. The main duty of 4px is to negotiate discount with different Tendered to delivery service provider like Fed Ex, UPS, TNT and many others.4PX Tendered to delivery service provider is a China-based service and it is a top-ranked service. This provider was started journey in 2004. Formerly their business was software, planning, and organisation and the services related to software. Now this tendered to delivery service provider is most widely used delivery service provider to delivered parcel. DHL is an International GmbH courier Tendered delivery services provider offering services like-package delivery, express mail service. German logistics firm Deutsche Post run the company. The target of this Tendered to delivery service provider is over 1.5 billion parcels delivering per year. The headquarter of this company is bonn, Germany.
These Tendered to delivery service provider is Most widely used and popular provider to deliver parcel / goods all over the world.