What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot

What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot

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When I have it, I don't feel it. I was so excited by the adrenaline of this situation that when I saw my feet drenched in blood, I just kept walking. When my attack ended, I tried to get in pain.

When it was in my arm, I felt as if someone had driven a nail into me and my whole body had fallen towards the wound. However, there was a lot going on at the time (fighting) so I kept building my adrenaline and it helped me lessen the pain I was feeling.

When the pain began to feel strange, he had a deep, angular wound on his arm, his skin was still sticky but loose, so he felt heavy, even a little self-education. There is no bullet in the arm, I just cut it, but that's enough where it really hurts like # $.

First of all, it is a sharp pain where the ball hits and you will react to the ball and dirt develops where the ball enters and can break the bones and tear muscles (no matter where) the ball. Can only pass or stay in yes, then it should bleed. I have a bullet in my left hand and I can pull the bullet myself from my 33 years in the army (I still remember).

You can go to the local emergency room and ask questions like a reporter. When you become a lukewarm, you can talk to someone waiting to see a doctor or recover.

What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot

What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot

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What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot