What Does Iridescent Mean

What Does Iridescent Mean

What does it mean when someone is called a color? 3

I know the meaning of the color dictionary, which is:

€ Â "adjective

1. Features a light color scheme like Rainbow Tissue.


2. Colorful fabric, other material or material: newly imported autumn colored fabric.

To me this means that someone looks tough or attractive from the outside, but you can see through this person, maybe in all of them, maybe they have a lot to hide, but they are very good at it. Are not.

I thought it was negative, but that's what I thought.

Definition of charming

The cents will go down.

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Colored stones that appear to change from different angles.

This may mean that (according to the dictionary definition of amazing) a person may be full of life / beauty / miracles and if you meet this person again you will learn more about him and what What you see or know about them is fair. very handsome.

What Does Iridescent Mean