What Does Intellectual Mean

What Does Intellectual Mean

What is meant by intellectual?

Intelligence is used as an adjective to describe self-care in relation to intelligence. Intelligence in the highest sense is related to mental performance, intelligence, reflection, acquisition of knowledge. For example, you could say: He is an intelligent person, which means he is very intelligent, very intelligent, or I will be intellectually active, which means I can learn more. I will do something to find out.

As an intellectual name, it refers to someone who is very smart / intelligent and quick to know. As a philosopher or researcher (scientifically). Example Reference: He is an intellectual. Every day he creates ideas about our existence on earth. (Not the best sentence).

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Related to the intellect or related to it

Advanced Intelligence - The charm or characteristic of people with intellectual literature

Express or enjoy mental activity


Someone who likes mental activity and has a great taste for art, literature, etc.

Someone who uses or works with their intelligence

Very smart person


Smart means you know a lot. Intellectual meaning can be from the same thing (is intellectual) or that person prefers to read sports (is intellectual)

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Intellectuals are those who conduct critical studies, reflections and reflections on the reality of society and suggest solutions to fundamental problems in society and discuss within the scope of an authoritative publication of "public opinion". discuss discuss "[1] [2] From the world of culture, both as creators and facilitators, intellectual parade in politics, defend some proposals or condemn injustices, ideological majority and sometimes one or the other Extend other defenses. System Value [3.4]

In a society, intellectuals form intelligence, a status that is closed by ideology (fascist, progressive, reactionary, revolutionary, democratic, communist, etc.) and nationalism (American intellectuals, French intellectuals, Ibero-American intellectuals). ۔ As a class of status, the intellectuals came from the social class of Russian socialist intellectuals (circle 1860701970), the intellectual education of men and women (education or enlightenment or both), and from Russian business. The educated German bourgeoisie and the enlightened French bourgeoisie, the enlightened middle class allies of these countries. [5]

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What Does Intellectual Mean