What Does Indited Mean

What Does Indited Mean

What does indexed mean? 3


Main entry: unpublished

onciation: indIt

Meaning: transitive verb

Shape (shape) twist: affected

Etymology: Middle English enditen, writing, composing, announcing from the old French edit, from Latin (umed) indictare proclamation, often from Latin indexre proklamasi, in + dicere, say more DICTION

1 a: Make-up, Composer B: Provide literary or formal expression c: Write.

2 Obsolete: Write.

Last name


Indite means soing is inserted into words, written in sch or letters.

Defendant (Oz as you have written) means accused of the jury's findings.

What Does Indited Mean

What Does Indited Mean

Do you mean billing? (Your indexed ounce).

By law, this means a trial.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? That means one is full.

What Does Indited Mean