What Does Ignorance Is Bliss Mean

What Does Ignorance Is Bliss Mean

What does it mean to be ignorant of happiness?

Ignorance is a blessing

That is, a golden fish (for example) is nothing, don't worry in the world, don't worry. Little did he know that a fish was waiting for him behind a rock.

It basically means that what you don't know can't hurt you. For example, we say that you have a good and pleasant relationship with the boy you really like. Then a friend who trusts you says he is cheating on you with six other women. All of a sudden you (unknowingly, unknowingly) are no longer ignoring the situation and your happiness is gone.

So basically, innocence is called happiness.

Happiness without knowledge means that you are happy without understanding it

One such

Person 1 Have you heard what this David did?

People 2 what !? Did Kerry know about it?

Person 1 No, he doesn't

Person 2 Well ignorance is a blessing

What Does Ignorance Is Bliss Mean

What Does Ignorance Is Bliss Mean

Basically, it means that no one looks around that makes them happy.

For example, some people complain about gas because they have to drive and pay for gas.

And the claim that ignorance is happiness when man is so inexperienced that he does not even know that there is a problem, that is, in happiness (happiness).

Therefore, ignorance is a blessing when one has to face the troubles around him, such as, jer etc. That she has nothing to fear and is basically living a stress-free life.

Beauty is happiness

This means that sometimes it is better not to know if it will make you unhappy.

Dictation is oral. Where ignorance is a blessing, it is foolish to be wise.


When asked what ignorance means, what is happiness? Then someone answered:

I will never leave you

I will never let you do that

I will never run away from you

People's ignorance is a joy for us.

That means you don't know what's going on and bury your head in the sand.

Sometimes the weak need it too, just like that.

Life is not perfect, but we all deserve a little luck along the way, even if it is only temporary.

What Does Ignorance Is Bliss Mean