What Does Iconic Mean

What Does Iconic Mean

What is the meaning of the famous word of?

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From, related to, or symbolic.

It has a very traditional style. Some use statues and monuments.

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What does the word iconic mean?


An adjective

1 icon

What is meant by the symbol or the nature of the symbol

Refers to a symbol or characteristic of a symbol.

I like or dislike symbols

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In the form of fame: related to someone or praised as a feature or icon

His fame reached a famous proportion.

Common religious icons: Related to or characteristic of religious icons

Popular image

Con. Traditional: And in the traditional style or pose, especially statues of ancient Greek athletes

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What Does Iconic Mean

What Does Iconic Mean

View as an icon symbol

An image is a person or people that almost everyone knows, such as an e-mouse or Marilyn Monroe. If treatment were an icon, it would be a treatment that almost everyone would recognize.

What Does Iconic Mean

What Does Iconic Mean

So popular that the swing represents an idea / concept. Something like a great example of a song.

What Does Iconic Mean