What Does Her Stand For

What Does Her Stand For

What is yours? Do you support this common song?

Representing the hip in its essence and reality

The general singer in the song is a metaphor for the state when writing hip-hop music.

I think it's modern music and a lifestyle in itself.

To spread

I loved the H&R melodies.

One verse:

I met this girl when I was ten years old

And the one he loves the most has many lives

He was old when I was little

I never knew in my life that he would be there for me

Ordinary, not a church girl, she is secular

It wasn't money, it wasn't the horse that saved him

But I respect it, it touches my heart

Some black people from New York managed to enter the park

But he is there for me and I am there

Get him a chair, blow him up

And just relax, relax and listen to it

I wish I could do this while sitting on bones

In the end, if that happened then it would happen

Because we are physically and physically united

And he was born, so when the warehouse comes, I'll be a gecko

Slim feels good to me when it's underground

Oral is pure and pure and sister

Dude, I said I miss him

Verse two.

I will see now

Use girls in clubs and parties

He doesn't have time, but he gets fat fast

He made several videos and became Afro-centric.

With knitting, ID out with pearl medals

He is here, wait

Wow my man he threw me tea

Don't get dressed, talk to me

I use the relaxed method easily

It emptied my rap, we're getting closer

But then go to the west coast, and that's great

Because I go to school at about the same time

And I'm a man of expansion, so why should I take the path?

He can get his money in Los Angeles.

And he farms horses, he has bars, but what is he?

He said that the history of professionals is over

"Afrecentrism is a thing of the past," he said.

So she joined the R&B hippies

Now the music is music and that's fine

I'm not salty, he disagrees with the boys

Because it was good for him, he went too far.

I declare that I am with her, I am in this freestyle

I just don't care about anyone

And see the link

Verse three:

Maybe I forgot to mention that crap is creative.

But once a person heals you, it changes the local

I tell her if she has anything energetic

That he could make money, and he liked it

Now I see it in commercials, it's universal

It always swings in the center circle

Now she is in the suburbs, licking rocks and wearing them up to her waist

And no mess when he comes to town

Talk about glimpses, serve rock and beat hearts

Now he is hanging out with her

Always smoking and biting

Tell me a sad story, now he's just fucking NK

Put pressure on W and talk real

That's really the most real swz

I did it, not just to say I did it

But I got involved with a lot of idiots who beat him

That he is not like all these groups

I saw that N * # * az hit him and took him to the ditch

But I will bring another injection to stop it

Because I'm talking about you, how nice

What Does Her Stand For