What Does Flamboyant Mean

What Does Flamboyant Mean

What does waste mean? ۔

Explain it to me in simple words, as if I am 8 years old.

The word actually has two meanings after sh.

Extravagance (as an adjective) means:

1. Too much or too much decorated (decorated), such as fancy writing.

2. Visible but usually sticky.

Inflammatory (as a noun) means:

1. Sui Tree or Tropical Agascar Shrub, which is tropical due to large clusters of red and orange flowers, sometimes in the Poinsiana genus. Found, wide

We often use this word as an adjective (first meaning), but if you use it in scientific (logical) terms, check the second meaning. What helps, for example. :)

Noisy, shiny and shiny clothes, they want attention, shiny.

What Does Flamboyant Mean