What Does Enable Mean

What Does Enable Mean

What does activation dose mean?

enà … aà  ‹…… bleà  €  € € [eneybuhl]

“Verb (used with an object), bleeding, bleeding.

1. Giving means, ability or ability to give: It does not allow you to cross common boundaries.

2. Make it possible or easy: We can cover a lot of distances with the help of aloe vera.

3. Configure the device (often used in communication): A mobile network that supports the Internet.

Such as enable / disable yes.

Allow means to enable treatment.


Turning on the light allowed me to see.

This means that your computer already has built-in wireless functionality for all types of wireless networks (such as your home router) as well as Wi-Fi (literally a signal for coffee). Most laptops do, but not all desktop computers do.

What Does Enable Mean

What Does Enable Mean

To allow

What Does Enable Mean