What Does Emo Mean

What Does Emo Mean

What does Emo mean? ۔

I have seen it many times this Wednesday, but in all my life I have never heard anyone say it out loud. Is this American abuse?

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I think that means only Goth. Right?

Emo has two different meanings. There is a style of music. Others are labels that people use to describe a group. A group of teenagers who use the label say that EmoSRT means emotional, but the term actually comes from a musical style called Emotive. This is a subspecies of punk.


It's basically punk rock, the lyrics are more emotional than rebellious. Emo is a type of rock that expresses a variety of free music with common roots. The 85-year-old medium-speed punk group was released by DC Rights of Spring. It has nothing to do with today's pseudomokor / mal ganda. Google Revolution Summer / Midwest Emo to learn more about the Limit race.

the people:

It's a label that people call cheap and very emotional (usually frustrating), but immerse yourself in it and don't want it to change. They often feel misunderstood and life in particular is not right for them. It is fashionable for some members of the group to cut themselves and do their eye work. Haircuts have strange angles and are shiny. Many men wear very tight jeans, usually women. Girls were more concerned about fashion from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

The meaning of emo

It's a genre of music. Some people call groups Callback Sunday, MCR or P! Emo like ATD.

As long as it's a goth-like label, it's a label or a preparation.

The stereotypes are clothes, hairstyles and handcuffs.

Most people who call themselves emo don't really cut themselves, nor do they need to comb their hair or any other stereotype. He says it is a state of loneliness, depression, general dissatisfaction with life. Basically, you can call an angry person an emo.

Usually confused with Gothic. No, they are not the same.

I remember it was a kind of music in the late 90's and early 2000's, Weser was an emo band. I am a rock with emotions behind it.

I think it's now a term for those who hang out with tight hair and tights, but I think they like to be called sen if not emo.

What Does Emo Mean

What Does Emo Mean

Emo is an emotional word. Emo hates life. They break up and try to find each other. Emo doesn't appreciate them.

Emo people are often sad or depressed and despise kindness.

Famous emo people have hair in one eye and wear it everywhere.

What Does Emo Mean