What Does Elaborate Mean

What Does Elaborate Mean

What does Elrat mean?

Alert means to expose.

I: Elizabeth, do you like the weather?

You: Cold.

I: Elizabeth, please be angry.

LE: The temperature was below 20 degrees, cars were off the road on ice, my parents complained like crazy about LK's load, and my nose hair was freezing.

I: Thank you, Elizabeth. This is very clear.


As a verb: to express it in more or less detail: he asked me for advice.

As an adjective: 1. Planned with careful attention to numerical parts or details. Complex and detailed: The presidential opening ball is a very old case.

Alert means to work or to elaborate. Go to every topic you discuss so that the audience knows what you are saying.

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1. The nemesis is planned very carefully for the parts or details.

2. Complex and detailed.

What Does Elaborate Mean