What Does Dsn Stand For

What Does Dsn Stand For

What does DSN mean? ? 3

Used as follows:

Empty police (dsn #)? What does DSN mean?


I pressed, maybe it was a postal number. Or department number but not sure.

Department service number or license plate number

Definition of DSN

What Does Dsn Stand For

What Does Dsn Stand For

Army DSN

DSN number equals branch number or telephone number. When they receive a call from a dispatcher to go to a place of work or to report a desired location, the call is sent to all agents working in that particular area. A DSN number is the same as a phone number so that agents and senders know that a call is being made.

Meaning Category Computing Data Record Name> Computing General Data Source Name> Computing General Database Server Name> Deep Government Network Database> Computing Standard NASA Name Server Name> Network D Defense Network Subscribers Government> Swedish Government Defense Military Networks> Military Design (Object System Designer) Computing> Live Service Network Computing File Extensions> Network Computing Distributed Systems> General PhD in Nursing Science and Education> University Degree Computing Domain Name Server> General Computer ODBC Data Sources> Data source file extension names are probably the most used. Swedish Defense Network, Service Delivery Notification, Developer Support News or Distributed Systems Network can also apply. And there may be other less frequent references.

I'm not sure about law enforcement. This can mean delivery status notification. Never heard of it in law enforcement.

It may represent license plates, but I know D.S.N.

What Does Dsn Stand For