What Does Dnd Mean

What Does Dnd Mean

What is MDN in NBA?

Not wet

Abbreviation MDN

I didn't know what DND stood for last month until someone told me they wouldn't be dressing up for the game. It could be an injury or something else.

That means don't wear clothes. DNP is like a substitute who has not played, and DND occurs when he is injured or does not play. For example, I help.

DNP means I've never played ... I haven't heard of DNP and I've been playing basketball for 16 years

MDN = Mach n

It was the NBA that tried to imitate what NFL video games did with the concept of role assigned to some players.

DND players are good at resting, watching and talking in the old trash. Most can show off at any time, although receiving DND tags is not yet an official requirement.

What Does Dnd Mean