What Does D Mean

What Does D Mean

What does the letter D mean in TV movie reviews? ۔

If they give a rating at the end of the file and the list of stars you see is [nr14 VL SD], what does D mean? I know VLS means wrong language and general situations in the movie, but Audi knows what D means, even though D means dialogue, but the language will cover it, right?

Basic or suggestive dialogue.


TV 14 (Recommended for ages 14)

TV14 rated programs are generally not suitable for children under 14 without the guidance of a parent or guardian. This rating was previously known as TV13. This assessment can be done with one of the following steps:

V for strong (short reference)

S. for the average situation.

L For medium to strong language.

D. for dialogue.

Many programs air after 9 p.m. TV14 ratings, including the final clips from The Tooth Hundred and Shadow HT Live. Many prime time dramas and some high profile sets like Family Guy, TV and even 70's SW use ratings, like many daily soap operas like Guiding Light and World Turns. TNA effect sw trap! It also has this rating. Some PG13 or Rrated movies are rated TV14 if they are approved for network or single cable. For example, Breakfast Club, which originally had an R rating, received a PG rating in its revised version.

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What Does D Mean