What Does Coy Mean

What Does Coy Mean

What does it mean when someone calls you embarrassed? this is bad?

I do not agree. If the person using the word really knows what it means, shame is not a good definition and it does not mean calm or shame.

Being shy means playing too close to the vest. Labeling shy means you know more than you say. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Interestingly, this is not a word that we apply to men or men's behavior. We will never say she is shy, it is a word that has a special use and women talk about their behavior with men.

She is very shy which means she can recover.

Of course, Hillary Clinton is ashamed of Americans today, regardless of whether she is a presidential candidate or not. Using the word in this context will make people smile.

It is not wrong to be shy, but shy people do not express their true feelings. If you like family relationships, shame is not a compliment.

This does not mean being shy, but pretending to be ashamed for personal reasons. It's usually about flirting in reverse. But it can also mean hiding information or at least hesitating when discussing sensitive issues. If you are shy, pretend you are shy or shy. That doesn't mean you're too shy, but it can be you.

I will take it as a supplement. If you are shy then you have a good level of social intelligence as a personality trait.

Coyote, derived from the word root, describes aggressive behavior in a situation and the word begins with women's freedom when women are less open. It wasn't then and I don't think it's bad now, just a whirl.

Coy means shy and helpless. So that's not a bad thing at all.

The person thinks you are shy and helpless.

What Does Coy Mean

What Does Coy Mean

What's the shame

Shame can mean counselor in the sense that the person is being described or trying to hide interest.

Meaning calm and shy

Thanks for all the answers.

What Does Coy Mean