What Does Corny Mean

What Does Corny Mean

What does Tiki mean?

Lack of new ideas and sincerity is repeated often and without fun or interest.

What Does Corny Mean

What Does Corny Mean


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For France, see Carney, Euro.

skko cliché


skko cliché

Carney is a candy bar from Germany. It has been produced by Schwartauer Werke since 1985 and is available in 11 different flavors.

Carney's official website publishes Carney reviews from enthusiastic customers. Automatically translated from German, these comments are ridiculous:

You have to sing this song for her like it's Monsoon !!!

I owe you a break.

Behind NG

Until the end of time

Unless it's extravagant

No more racism than Carney.

And when I can't go, I think of Corney.

Sometimes it's time to eat

"Unless I can do anything else.

Carney is when the song is so anticipated (or crazy) that it makes you think less of the person who does it. . And he thinks it's weird now. This feeling usually goes away, rough.

Any joke can be extravagant. That means stupid or just lame.

Amazing, impossible, unreal, so incredible that it hurts your head. This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints.

It means love and affection, you know that when you make a movie and we kiss you, it's old-fashioned.

Stupid means you say you're not a nanny or funny, it means stupid.

What Does Corny Mean

What Does Corny Mean

Funny, crazy, weird, arrogant, weird ... if someone tells you he looks like you and you roll your eyes ... your reaction to it ... it means he's happy Is.

The swing presents itself as cold or verbal, but is actually tired and / or lame. Especially if your lameness is clearly visible or offset.

You're stupid, Jack, crazy at times.

What Does Corny Mean