What Does Conscientious Mean

What Does Conscientious Mean

What is meant by conscience?

This means that you understand that your actions affect other people

Consciousness makes you good, good, good

Otherwise it will go bad, dig, um

Concerned à science à [kònshee  à nshà ss]



1. Complete: Shows great care, concern and foresight in performing a task or task.

Careful father

your. According to your conscience: committed or made with a sense of right and wrong

Careful decision to dedicate one week to volunteer work

[In the early 17th century. By El Francis <Mauel Latin Imitation <Latin Prohibition (See Sincere)]

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What is meant by conscience?

What Does Conscientious Mean

What Does Conscientious Mean

That means you put a lot of pressure on a lot of things. An honest worker is a hard worker and a hard worker.

Being honest means being fully aware of the impact you are having on your environment and the people around you.

It is the last to jump, because it knows the final outcome of possible actions.

A sincere person is passionate about life, strongly opposed to war and passionate about recycling.

Awareness is when you care about what you do, or get out of what you do, or even take pride in what you do.

That's a good thing. This means that you sleep in bed thinking about doing the right thing and doing the best you can. Maybe a dictionary can give you a more complete answer.

1. Care and diligence in performing your work or duty.

one's) relationship with one's own conscience

Retail business.

It means you are aware and attentive

What Does Conscientious Mean