What Does Condone Mean

What Does Condone Mean

What does forgiveness mean? ۔

Permission, I agree

It's like allowing or accepting. Or just bear with it.

Tolerate this behavior. In this statement, the attitude seems legitimate, but it cannot be true. But I don't think that means forgiveness. Although forgiveness can be a process of forgiveness, it is not always the case. Can tolerate ignorance or even e.


It all depends on the text. Here, I define the / kƒÂ ʊ n doʊn / Unciation key.

Verb (used with objects), do not, do not.

1. Ignore or ignore (uncomfortable, aggressive or similar)

2. Example of silent agreement: Because of his silence, he tolerates your behavior.

3. Apologizing or forgiving (insulting).

4. Tolerance.

5. In law. Forgive or act in a way that involves forgiveness (breaking an oath).

So yes, that means forgiveness. But usually it means approval or acceptance rather than forgiveness. Anyway, I can help you!

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According to English Thesis (United States).

Forgiveness means to ignore, to ignore, to ignore, to close one's eyes.

To know is tantamount to forgiving.


Forgiveness means accepting that it is okay to do so (ie there is nothing wrong with doing so).

Forgiveness means acknowledging that a mistake has been made, but that you do not have negative feelings towards the person for the mistake ... that is, you still love them.

On the one hand, I think that means looking the other way. You can be someone else and be tolerant in society.

Almost not To forgive means to agree. You don't have to forgive what you agree to!

What Does Condone Mean