What does co sign mean

What does co sign mean

What is a co signer?

  • A co-signer is a person who takes out a loan with someone else.
  • Co-owners generally have a higher credit rating and income than the original borrower, so agreeing to sign a loan allows the other person to be approved.
  • The signatories are also responsible for settling the debt.

What is a co signer on a loan?

The business loan maintainer is the one who ensures that the loan is repaid if the borrower does not repay it. A small business owner seeking a startup loan should research potential co-signers and be willing to submit them at the lender's request. ■■■■■ signing is also known as a loan guarantee.

What does it mean to cosign?

■■■■■ signing is the signing of a loan in collaboration with the borrower. The co-signer acts as an additional source of payment for the primary borrower.

What does co signing mean?

The ■■■■■ signature often involves a promise to pay another person a debt that arises under the contract if that person fails to do so. In contrast, a ■■■■■ signature can imply a ■■■■■ or separate commitment to pay a debt, whether or not the other co-debtor fulfills it.

What does being a cosigner really mean?

A facilitator is a person who can apply for a loan that someone else can't take advantage of and who signs the loan with the original borrower. What this basically means is that the co-debtor has legally borrowed the same amount as the original borrower.

What responsibilities do I have as a cosigner?

Co-signer is the person who, together with the main borrower, takes responsibility for repaying the loan or loan. A documentary person may also be called a guarantor, co-signer, or co-applicant.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What to know before cosigning a loan?

To avoid mistakes, here are seven things to know before co-signing a student loan. 1. The countersigned loan will appear on your credit report. “Taking out a loan is like getting a loan for you. A lot of people take the ■■■■■ signature as a safety net, but it really isn't," says Brown.

:brown_circle: What does it mean to cosign for a car

Co-signing a car loan means that your name will be added to the borrower's car loan application. If the borrower fails to meet his obligations under the loan, his repayment falls to the co-owner. Does the co-signer reduce the car payments? Having a car loan co-signer increases your chances of taking advantage of a lower interest rate and therefore fewer payments.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What do you need to know about co-signing a car loan?

  • Before entering into a ■■■■■ signing agreement, make sure you trust the borrower.
  • Take the time to ask the borrower questions about their financial situation and loan repayment plans.
  • Only act as a co-signer if you can repay the loans yourself.
  • Regularly check your creditworthiness to make sure the borrower pays on time.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is a good APR for a car loan?

Good. The annual interest rate is relative for all borrowers. Some borrowers will think that auto loan interest rates are acceptable because they have very good credit ratings. Others do not get financing at such a low interest rate. Others will continue to seek secondary interests, such as:.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best car loan?

  • Best General Car Loan: Bank of America
  • Best car loan for a great loan: LightStream
  • Best Car Loan With Bad Credit: Capital One
  • Best Car Loan to Refinance: Ally Bank's Clearlane
  • Best Car Loan for Car Rental: Bank of America

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the average interest rate on a car loan?

According to Experian, the average interest rate for a new car in 2021 will be given for the occasion. The creditworthiness, new or used, and the term of the loan largely determine the interest. Average interest rate has fallen since Q1 2020 compared to new, and compare up to 4 car loan offers with your partner myAutoLoan ».

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What qualifies you to be a cosigner?

The ■■■■■ signature is generally required when a person applies for a loan or loan and does not have adequate credit and/or has no or low income. As the cost of higher education in the United States has risen, students have often asked their parents or relatives to sign a student loan together.

Why do they need a cosigner?

Having a co-author makes the loan application more attractive to lenders who are more willing to approve loans with a strong co-author. Lenders generally offer favorable loan terms, such as lower interest rates, more flexible repayments and lower costs.

Can a cosigner have bad credit?

This co-signer must have good credit, as his credit rating will be adjusted to ensure a good reputation. Only when they are found to be acceptable can a person with bad credit obtain them. The process is irreversible. You can't go back and have someone with bad credit sign a loan.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What happens to my cosigner If I file bankruptcy?

This means that if your co-signer files for bankruptcy, it will only affect your creditworthiness, solvency and finances. The lender cannot penalize you for something that happened to your co-author as long as you pay on time. Your personal creditworthiness should not be affected by tax problems of co-signers.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Who can cosign a loan?

A companion is one who agrees to settle the debt of the borrower in the event of default. The person co-signing the loan generally has good credit and a long credit history, greatly increasing the likelihood of approval by the primary borrower.

Should I cosign a loan?

Before you sign, you need to understand what that means. By co-signing the loan, you agree to repay the loan if the borrower defaults. The main advantage of the ■■■■■ signature is that it can help someone else get the loan they need. By enrolling your child, you can be on your way to a good reputation.

What is a co signer responsible for

Together with the main borrower, the ■■■■■■ takes full responsibility for the repayment of the loan. A frequent subscriber is a family member. The facilitator is obligated to pay the arrears and even the full loan amount if the borrower defaults.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is the co signer the same as the co buyer?

Yes, there are some technical differences between a real employee and a coach. In general, the co-signer is expected to have no ownership, financial interests or ownership of a car. Becomes the co-owner.

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:brown_circle: Can a cosigner take possession of the car?

Signatories have no rights to your vehicle and cannot take possession of your vehicle, even if they make a payment. The developer will lend you your loan to help you get your car loan approved. The co-signer must have good credit and agree to make payments if you are unable to.

What is a co signer apartment

Who is the co-owner of the apartment? The ■■■■■ signature is someone who signs the lease alongside the tenant and thereby assumes financial responsibility for the apartment if the tenant is unable to pay the rent. Usually this is done to show the landlord that the tenant is trustworthy and that the rent is being held.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Do apartments often accept co-signers?

Condominiums generally accept a co-signer on your rental application if you don't meet the conditions. A property developer is someone who does not live in an apartment but takes financial responsibility for the rent if you are unable to pay your monthly rent.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What are rights as a co-signer on a loan?

The rights and obligations of the co-owner. property right. Unfortunately, the ■■■■■ signature does not give you any rights to the house, car or other collateral for which the loan is paid. Debt payment. Most important is your financial responsibility. Handling the application. Impact on solvency. Pay loan.

:brown_circle: Can an apartment co signer Sue You?

In certain circumstances, the contract signer can make a claim against the borrower if there is a legitimate reason to do so. Your Main Disputes Even if you agree to co-sign the loan, you can sue the borrower for any reason, be it a loan or not. The real question in a lawsuit isn't whether you can file it, but whether you can win.

Can a co signer buy a house?

The promoted house can buy another house if it shows the new lender that the co-signed loan is in good condition and default is unlikely, or if it allows the lender to repay the co-signed loan as its obligation.

What does getting a cosigner really do?

  • You have a bad credit history. FICO considers a credit score of less than 580 bad, so if they don't find a co-author, lenders may consider you a high-risk borrower.
  • You are autonomous.
  • You are young and have no verified credit history.
  • It has a high debt-to-income ratio.
  • You can pay yourself.

Does a cosigner need to have good credit?

So yes, in most cases the co-signer must have good credit as the primary borrower for the same reasons. You are deeply in debt. You take responsibility for paying this debt. So you need a financial status/history report.

What is a co signer on a lease

Co-signer. When a person signs a real estate lease, he and the tenant are jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of the contract. In the event of a defect, the owner may request one or both of them to rectify the defect. In particular, the owner will demand payment of the most financially sound part.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Does co-signer on lease have legal rights?

The attached rental agreement accepts the same legal obligations as the tenant who signs the rental agreement and starts living in the rented property. If the tenant (tenant) does not pay the rent, the landlord can demand payment from the co-creator, including any fines and fees that may have been determined.

Can you remove a co-signer from a lease?

Property owners and managers are under no legal obligation to remove signatories. Obtaining a co-signer, also known as a rental guarantee, is sometimes the only way a new tenant or person with bad credit can qualify to rent an apartment.

How can you get off a lease as co-signer?

  • Sign the contract. When the co-signer is more concerned about potential credit damage or wants to make a significant transfer and doesn't
  • Read the terms of the contract. A lease is a contract between the signer, the person entering into the lease and the owner.
  • Do not renew.
  • Get a new contract.
  • Contractual protection.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is a co signer for a mortgage

If the borrower does not receive the full purchase price of the home, the lender may require the other party to assume some of the responsibility to repay the loan in the event of default. Therefore, having a partner helps to increase the amount of money a borrower can get.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Should you co-sign a mortgage?

  • Discuss the situation with a financial planner, as signing together can affect your financial future.
  • Check your credit and debt ratios to make sure you can bear the added burden of paying another mortgage if the borrower is unable to make payments.
  • Find out how co-signing can affect your money now and in the long run.

What is a co signer on a home loan?

For someone with no credit history or bad credit, signing up together may be the answer to getting a car or rental loan. A co-signer is simply someone with good credit who is willing to make your loan or lease payments when you can't. Your name and the name of the co-owner will appear on the loan or lease, even if the co-owner is not a co-owner.

:brown_circle: Can I cosign a mortgage?

Yes and no. The lender cannot require you to co-author a personal loan as long as your income and credit make you eligible for the loan. However, if you don't meet the criteria, the lender may ask you to find a co-author.

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How can a co signer get off of a loan?

  • Request the co-signer's authorization. Applying for a co-signer's license is often a strategy for private student loan applicants.
  • Refinance or consolidate.
  • Sell ​​an asset.
  • Transfer the debt to a new credit card.
  • In short, think twice before signing.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How long does a co signer stay on a student loan?

The co-signed version is a feature you may want to find in Personal Student Loan. Most lenders allow your name and legal responsibility to be removed from the loan after the borrower makes a certain number of payments on time. This number varies from 12 to 48 months, depending on the lender.

How to get a loan with a cosigner?

  • Gather your own financial information: First, you need to check your own three-digit FICO credit score, which lenders use to determine your eligibility for a loan.
  • Collect information about your ■■■■■ signature: You should also collect information about your ■■■■■ signature, including your income and your three-digit FICO credit history.
  • Comparison and prequalification of creditors. Now is the time to compare lenders. Not all lenders accept co-signers (but they do), so you should do some research beforehand.
  • Loan Offer Comparison - Look for an annual loan rate that is an accurate measure of the value of your loan.
  • Choose your favorite offer and submit a formal application - Once you have found your favorite loan offer, you can submit a formal application.
  • Get your money - Lenders can often make decisions within hours of receiving all your financial information, but take much longer.
  • Pay off loan - You and the co-signer are also responsible for the personal loan.

Should you ever cosign on a loan?

One of the riskiest financial decisions you can make is signing a loan with someone. The FTC even conducted a survey to show consumers the heartbreaking nature of co-signing decisions. Avoiding ■■■■■ signing of a loan can be very difficult as the person asking for it is usually a relative or a very close friend.

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:brown_circle: What is a cosigner on a loan

What does it mean to take out a loan? As the co-signer of the loan, you agree to repay the loan in the event that the primary borrower fails to repay it. The ■■■■■ signature is required if the loan applicant does not have sufficient creditworthiness, reliability or income to guarantee the loan itself.

Should I get a personal loan with a co-signer?

  • Expected future income. If you want to graduate and start a new career, or if you expect your income to grow quickly, a co-signed personal loan may be for you.
  • Extra cost.
  • Consolidation of high interest debt.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What happens to a cosigner when a car is repossessed?

  • When you co-sign a car loan and the car is borrowed, you have rights and obligations.
  • Your responsibility as a co-author of a car loan. When you co-sign a car loan, you generally agree to be liable for the debt if the principal debtor fails to do so.
  • Your rights as a co-author of a car loan.
  • Other problems.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What credit score does a cosigner need?

Most credit scores are between 600 and 750. However, an average credit score of 700 or higher indicates good credit. If you are lucky enough to have a credit of 700, you have the option of getting a car loan at an affordable rate without the need for a ■■■■■ signature.

:brown_circle: Co signer apartment

Who is the co-owner of the apartment? The co-signer is the third person who takes over the lease if the main tenant is unable to do so. If a potential tenant is low-income, has no rental history, or has poor credit, the landlord may require you to co-sign an apartment lease.

What is responsibility of a co-signer for an apartment?

Responsibility of the signatory. When you sign a lease with an older person for whom you are co-signing, you are legally responsible for any rent that you are unable or unwilling to pay, as well as any late fees incurred during the lease.

Who can cosign for an apartment?

A roommate is someone who is in good standing and willing to answer for a friend or family member.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Can I get an apartment without a cosigner?

There are several helpful strategies you can use to get a lease without a co-owner. According to MSN Real Estate, many small homeowners don't even check tenants' creditworthiness.

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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Co signer loan

As the co-signer of the loan, you agree to repay the loan in the event that the primary borrower fails to repay it. The ■■■■■ signature is required if the loan applicant does not have sufficient creditworthiness, reliability or income to guarantee the loan itself.

:brown_circle: Can anyone get a loan if they have a cosigner?

If you think someone with a co-author could get a loan, think again. If your loan is not optimal, such as if you recently struggled with late payments, forced evictions, court orders, evictions and too many requests for loans, the lender may refuse you a loan and offer you a co-author with an outstanding loan.

Can you buy a house with a cosigner?

Eligible buyers can purchase a home without a co-signer. Several online tools can help homebuyers determine their purchasing power. Buyers can contact representatives of credit unions, banks and mortgage lenders to apply for a home loan. The loan officer can verify the qualifications of the home loan buyer.

Does a cosigner have to have a job to cosign?

In almost all cases it is assumed that the employee has a well-paid job. In some cases, it is possible to qualify as a co-author without a full-time job. If you work in the concert industry, so if you go from freelance to freelance, you need to show that your annual income is spread over several years.

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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Do you need an apartment co-signer?

When you find someone who wants to be a co-signer, they will be the co-signer for the duration of your lease. In many cases, if you haven't missed any rent payments during this time, the landlord is not allowed to ask you to co-author during the renovation. If so, all you can do is wait for your co-signer to be ready to re-sign.

What is a guarantor for an apartment?

The rental deposit is the legal name of the person who signs the apartment or the person who agrees to be financially responsible under the rental agreement. In simple terms, this person is responsible for making sure that the rent of the apartment is paid.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is a guarantor a cosigner?

Bail is a secondary form of compensation. The guarantor only becomes liable for the loan if the primary borrower fails to repay it. A guarantor or co-signer can only be released from a loan if the lender verifies the borrower's financial standing and determines that he will be able to make the payments himself in the future.

Who qualifies as a cosigner?

To qualify as a co-signer, you must have an established credit history, including good credit standing, that meets the lender's requirements. They must also have a job or a stable income and must follow the same principles as the main borrower.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Should you consider a co-borrower or cosigner?

In general, co-signer is more beneficial than co-signer. The co-debtor has rights to the house, since he receives half of the ownership of the house and his name is on the mortgage and title deed. As a partner, all living conditions are taken into account when obtaining a loan.

Can a cosigner sue the signer?

The facilitating party is jointly and severally liable for the signed debt. As a signatory to the agreement, you agree that in the event that the principal borrower fails to pay, you are personally responsible for the payment of the debt. Therefore, you cannot sue the primary borrower or the lender to repossess the vehicle.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What does the Bible say about cosign?

The Bible talks about taking out a loan together. There are at least four passages in Proverbs that deal directly with this subject: Proverbs 6:15: “My son, if you trust your friend, if you strike a stranger in the hand, you will be caught by the words of your friend. mouth .

What happens if I cosign on a car with someone?

Insurance risks will damage your credit history. If the borrower does not repay the loan as agreed, his creditworthiness will suffer, as will the creditworthiness of major borrowers. Total responsibility. Court decisions. Debt capacity reduction. Loss of personal property. The exit is not easy. No property.

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What does it mean to cosign for an apartment

Signing the lease jointly means that by signing the lease you assume the same responsibility for renting an apartment. If for some reason your friend or family member doesn't pay the rent, you as a co-signer are next in line. This means that you must return the money to the owner as soon as possible.

How does cosigning for an apartment effect me?

  • Your Credit Lenders are required by federal law to obtain your approval before they can access your credit report.
  • Interest. By signing a rental agreement, you agree to pay the rent and other costs associated with renting an apartment if the tenant does not pay.
  • Effects. Homeowners often report outstanding debts to a private credit bureau.
  • Considerations.

Should you co-sign for an apartment?

A young tenant, especially one with a short employment history and no significant credit history, may require a ■■■■■ signature. The co-signing process itself is simple and so common that any apartment complex can give you detailed instructions.

What does it mean to cosign for someone

Co-signer is someone who takes out a loan with another person. They borrow money together, even if the loan is for one of them. The co-signer is also responsible for the debt he signed.

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What does it mean to cosign a loan

Co-signing is a term that is heard a lot, but perhaps not fully understood. Simply put, when you co-sign a loan, you agree to pay the debt if the person signing defaults. This allows a person with good credit to testify to someone with low or bad credit, which in turn allows that person to create or improve their own credit score.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How does cosigning a loan work?

By law, the borrower must pay the debt if the primary borrower does not. As a donor you not only testify to the good intentions or the character of the borrowers. You provide the loan with your own resources.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is a co signing loan?

When you co-sign a loan, the lender (known as the “lender”) must state its obligations in a co-signature notice that states, “You are being asked to secure this debt. If the borrower defaults, you may be payment due the full amount of the debt.

What does it mean to cosign a lease

Co-signing the lease means that a third party, such as B. A parent, brother or friend, will pay for the rent if the main tenant is unable to do so. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a co-signer to ensure that the rent is paid and completed.

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How to add a co-signer to a lease?

Ask the landlord if they allow ■■■■■ signatures. Make an appointment with the owner and his signatory. Sign the lease after the signatory has met the owner's requirements. Ask the landlord if he is bothered by another tenant moving in.

Can I sue a co-signer on a lease?

However, since your roommate is also responsible, if you pay more than your share, you can sue. The landlord can also sue his housemate. To sue your housemate, you must prove that you actually suffered damage as a result of a breach of contract.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Can Someone co-sign for a lease?

Landlords will ask their lease signers if they are experiencing any issues with their rental application. You physically sign the lease as a co-signer. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, you (and your owner) can count on these teammates to get to know you and help you financially.

Can my cosigner take my Car?

Since the creditor uses the signatory as a debtor, you can also take note. The question is, can they get the car back? Even if your parents have a title deed with your name on the title, you must sign if they want to sell the car.

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:eight_spoked_asterisk: Do you need a cosigner on car lease?

In some credit situations, you may need to co-sign to secure a car loan or lease. For people who have had credit problems or have no credit history in the past, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to rent a new car or get a loan. The answer could be to get a co-signer.

What to know before co-signing a mortgage?

  • It affects your creditworthiness. If you decide to sign something together, the lender will consider your credit history and creditworthiness.
  • Obligation to pay.
  • No property.
  • Decline in personal solvency.
  • Risk of Loss of Warranty.
  • Long term commitment.
  • Read this first.
  • Access to account information.
  • Think insurance.

Who can cosign a mortgage?

Typically, the co-signer holds the mortgage for several years until the primary borrower can obtain sufficient credit or income to take full responsibility for the loan. At this point, the co-signer can request removal of the promissory note by asking the lender to requalify the loan with only the primary borrower.

What to know before co-signing a car loan?

  • Never check in if the borrower has a bad credit history. The ■■■■■ signature may only be used when the borrower is not creditworthy and never when his creditworthiness is low.
  • This has consequences for the creditworthiness of the co-signers. Few realize that taking out a loan from someone else together affects their own creditworthiness.
  • Make sure you can afford the payments.
  • Ways to protect yourself.

:brown_circle: What is a cosigner responsible for on a car loan?

A co-signer is someone who agrees to work with another borrower to pay off debt, such as a car loan, mortgage, or student loan. Therefore, the co-signer is also responsible for paying the debt as if he had borrowed the money without another borrower.

Does a co-signer on a car loan have to be on the insurance?

It is not necessary for the accompanying person to be mentioned on the insurance policy of the vehicle for which the loan was taken out. As a co-author it is important that the car is insured, but since this is stated in the car papers, you can be responsible for what happens to the car.

:brown_circle: Can you add a cosigner to a car loan?

The developer can help finance the purchase of your desired car by purchasing additional compensation insurance. People with credit problems can add a co-author to the loan, increasing the creditworthiness of the loan application.

What does cosigning mean?

Co-signer is someone who can legally sign loan documents or paperwork with another person who is having trouble getting a loan, or who can sometimes legally sign a lease for an apartment or rental unit.

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:eight_spoked_asterisk: What does co signer mean?

A co-signer is someone who signs an agreement to repay a loan to another in the event that person fails. Co-signing is a technique often used by family and friends to get someone with good credit to vouch for a loan for someone with new or bad credit history.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What does cosigning mean

In fact, the answer is no. The fact that you are a co-signer does not necessarily affect your creditworthiness. But even if the co-signed bill is paid on time, the debt can affect your creditworthiness and ongoing usage, potentially impacting your ability to obtain credit in the future.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is a commercial lease agreement?

A commercial lease is an agreement to rent an office, warehouse, or other property used for the conduct of business. Commercial leases vary widely, but the details of the lease are generally in favor of the owner.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What does co-sign mean in music

What is a ■■■■■ signature? It's pretty simple - it's when one artist, usually a commercial success, yells at another, usually less successful, artist in recognition that they love their music. ■■■■■ signing can also take place when these successful artists allow aspiring artists to perform on their songs.

:brown_circle: What is a co-sign and how does it work?

What is a ■■■■■ signature? It's pretty simple - it's when an artist, usually a commercial success, yells at another artist, usually a less successful one, in recognition that they love their music.

What is co-signing in the music industry?

It's pretty simple - it's when one artist, usually a commercial success, yells at another, usually less successful, artist in recognition that they love their music. ■■■■■ signing can also take place when these successful artists allow aspiring artists to perform on their songs.

What does it mean to co-sign an artist to a label?

I once signed a contract with an artist for a label to do a movie project. This meant he was still signed to my label, but was hired to work with another label during the project. Sometimes this is also the case when there is a ■■■■■ venture between two brands.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why do hip-hop artists need co-signs?

All hip-hop artists got a ■■■■■ subscription at some point in their careers and this was the main reason for their huge success. Every artist dreams of getting a poster from another artist. Without Cosigns, the variety of hip-hop artists would be very shallow.

:brown_circle: What does co-sign mean in texting

Order a Cosign mug for your daughter Beatrix. To be cool, add or support. Show that you agree with the other person's thinking by repeating it as you just did. Resar was her regular ■■■ and decided to sign Kirk's comment on the boys' property.

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However, if you run into problems, you can use the following list of text characters. Zzz.. :). ■■■■■! hypnotized! Say "Oh!" Facebook chat addict? Then make your chats fun for Facebook with the following SMS symbols. The table below lists some common text love symbols.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What does cosign mean?

Confirm accept or approve. agree with someone. This term is mainly used in message boards. To try to be cool, add or support. Show that you agree with the other person's thinking by repeating it as you just did. Going with someone is lying. To prove the lie. 1. Spoken language.

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what does co sign mean