What Does Ciao Bella Mean

What Does Ciao Bella Mean

What does Ciao Bella mean? Does anyone say when they are teasing? 3

I have a co-worker whom I have loved for 2 years! He told me twice and I didn't know what he meant.

As everyone says, with a little correction ... I mean hello / goodbye Beauty (I call you beauty) Beautil, an adjective, BEAUTIFUL in Italian.

Ciao is an informal farewell, used only informally, never formally. It is Italian, but is spoken throughout Europe.

Well, the name (you're beautiful) is beautiful.

Beatle, the adjective (you are beautiful) is beautiful.

Suprafen is very good.

Ciao is goodbye in Italian and Bella means beautiful!

Siau Bella or Beetle.

What Does Ciao Bella Mean

What Does Ciao Bella Mean

Ciao = o / goodbye

Bella = beautiful / beautiful / beautiful etc.

Wow, 2 years! That's a good sign hahaha

In Italian it means beetle or goodbye beetle.

Goodbye my beautiful :)

Sometimes people use it as a greeting, in which case it will be cool. It's like Aloha ... a word that can be used anyway.

Goodbye, beautiful in Italian. That means he is flirting with you.

evry1 Through other answers and the fact that you have been in love with her for 2 years I would say ask her !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm fine!

Hello / goodbye beautiful

I believe that

Goodbye my beautiful

What Does Ciao Bella Mean