What Does Cholo Mean

What Does Cholo Mean

What is the meaning of kli, chulo or klu in Spanish and what is the difference?

Kilo is a male gangster

Kala is a gangster

In some countries the beloved broker (male), ie

What Does Cholo Mean

What Does Cholo Mean

Kala and Klu will be like me, boy / girl or someone on the street. Commonly used by Spanish-speaking countries in Central America

Chola or cholo are words that describe whether a child is cute, which is used as a positive adjective.

Kala is a girl and Klu is a boy. It is often used to refer to the beautiful kind of gush and ugliness. I'm sure.

Klu (a) is a multi-faceted person.

Cholo (a) has several meanings:

In Mexican it means sweet, beautiful.

In Puerto Rico, it is a kind of vulture.

Elsewhere, it's one.

Not a single Spanish Unfortunately, words have different meanings depending on where you are.

Cleo (female) and Kloo (male) mean innocent brothers in Indian countries like Peru or Bolivia and it is clearly shameful and contemptible. But in other places, such as Argentina or Uruguay, it is considered friendly and harmless.

Cholo means Spanish and has a completely negative connotation, but it also means beautiful (a great definition) in Mexico. It is rarely used in South America.

What is closed?

Kilo is an insult to people of mixed Indian and Spanish descent. The difference is that if you are Puerto Rican, the name is Puerto Rican, but if you are half Indian and Puerto Rican, then you are total. For example, I help.

What Does Cholo Mean