What Does Chato Mean

What Does Chato Mean

What does boring nickname mean ??? 3

There are different meanings of lick in different countries:

Flattened means upturned nose. In Spanish culture, it is not considered rude to address someone with a feature that could lead to illness or disability. Ringo, lame. Innocent for the mentally handicapped. Eyes for and. Etc.

It depends on the language used. I know it's used in Latin American Spanish and Chilean Portuguese, but the meaning is different.

In both languages, it can mean flat or srt or contemptible (in Spanish), but it is not widely used with the meaning of this dictionary. The meaning of slag is more general.

In Portuguese, when used for someone you don't like, it means boring or annoying, like boxing or back pain **. But when used with love, it means that someone is being photographed or offended, maybe some kind of generalist, but you also love them for all their mistakes. ۔ My ex-boyfriend Zelin calls me boring all the time, but in a playful way (... well, mostly in a good way!)

In Spanish, I think it depends on the country in which it is spoken. Peppers can only be used to say srty. Mexicans can use it to refer to someone who is hurting or unlucky, but they also often use it to refer to someone they care about. So my apartment means my darling / my darling ...

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What Does Chato Mean