What Does Bub Mean

What Does Bub Mean

What does it mean if a girl calls you a boy? ۔

Hahaha everyone. Sorry if this is a question, but this girl is a very good and thirsty friend who now calls me Bob School. Whenever I talk to her on MSN, she always interrupts the conversation with Bob.

This is just your new greeting. Bob is used for greetings especially for men or boys. See you later, son. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

This is more for men than other men, close friends call themselves brothers. One girl who said that, it was weird. He acts like a boy says hey brother!

Also, it's British / Australian, it's not an American term. Many people take sentences from there to make them feel good or a little difficult. I just find it boring.

male Female

As far as this issue is concerned, they have an eye. And I don't do that anymore, except I'm just as drunk as I am now. And don't remember what you were like or if you were going to do it. I will say anything to continue my rumors.

Nothing ... I've heard some people say I like it or care.

What Does Bub Mean