What Does Bm Mean

What Does Bm Mean

What does BM mean when you email someone?

This means that your joke or joke will probably kill me.

lol Depending on how x is used.

The meaning of the text Bm.

Maybe it's better to ask them.


You me, Baby Mama, BM (as I know, sorry), Bermuda's international name .....

I don't know what matches your prayer ... sorry ... that's all I have! :) You can search or just search for text abbreviations and a page will appear where you can change the abbreviations to words or words to abbreviations.

Hit me

B Minor, a musical piece (BM)

Baby Mama, this term is used to name the mother of your illegitimate child.

Bachelor for medicine.

Bachelor in Music.

Bambra language (ISO 639 alpha 2 code) (BM)

Bandmaster, Assistant to the British Army and Royal Navy.

Management B, in a hushed voice.

Battle Master, an online RPG developed by teams.

Bio Indonesia Air (IATA code)

Mess, the animated sequel to Transformers: Wars.

Batmania, a rhythm game of the Bimani series.

Goth Rock Band from Bella Morte, Charlottesville, IA, USA

Bermuda (2-letter ISO 31661 country code)

An important character in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Metal, a form of music

Blaster Master, Sansoft Video Game.

.bm, the country-specific Internet top-level domain for Bermuda.

And modifications, transformations, and for aesthetic or practical reasons. (E.g. tattoos, scars, piercings etc.)

Bohringer Mannheim test, blood sugar test.

Bolandermanctel, a Swedish manufacturer of tractors and engines, is now part of Volvo.

Bolger and Mallard, Swiss roller coaster makers.


Boston and Main Railroad (AAR Declaration Sign)

Abuse for exercise, medical abbreviations and defecation.

Lots of medals (Australia), an Australian award.


British Monomarks, UK's longest-running private postal service provider.

The British Movement, a British fascist group

British Museum London.

Burma (publication code FIPS 104 and obsolete NATO country code)

Annual event in Burning Man, Nevada Rock Desert, USA.

These emails make things worse. There will be a comment on it ... and then you got it and you got another email and it didn't end. If you want this childish struggle to end, stop being childish and do nothing. Be human Isn't it time?

What Does Bm Mean

What Does Bm Mean

Okay, I'm not so sure, but let's install it here and get creative, okay? :)

Possible meaning ...


Yes mistake

step mother

.. hahaha I don't know.

City Dictionary there.

Walking ... maybe resting.

what is the meaning of this?

Hit me or you hit me

What Does Bm Mean