What Does Bella Mean In Spanish

What Does Bella Mean In Spanish

What is good in French? 3

That means beautiful

Bella (woman) means beauty in Italian and Spanish.

Belle (woman) means beautiful in French.

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Unlike English, Italians and French differ in their gender between men and women. Bella is Italian, not French, but of course the French have the same word.

Bella, female, means beautiful in Italian. Beautiful, feminine, means beautiful in French.

These words will be used to describe a woman or something in appropriate language.

In Italian: means ta di t¨ a good cup of tea

In French: CÃ is a beautiful woman. She is a beautiful woman.

Now for men: Beautiful means beautiful, but it applies to masculine figures or objects, so we use beautiful or beautiful instead of beautiful.

In French: He is a handsome boy. He is a handsome boy.

In Italian: Well, the weather is fine.

Tension is probably masculine in Italian.

Bella is not in French. Italy only. In Italian it means attractive.

This is Italy and Spain, not France ...

In French it means a beautiful young woman.

The masculine version of the word is beautiful.

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Take care Bella!

What Does Bella Mean In Spanish

What Does Bella Mean In Spanish

It's in Italian. Bella is the Beetle (for girls)

In French, this is ballet. Feminine too.

Well, I don't even know how to differentiate between the languages ​​of different countries.

It is sometimes used as an independent name derived from the French word Belle, Meaninn Beautil. Is attached

Very beautiful but look in detail

In French you would say more beautiful than beautiful ... it's actually Italian hahaha!

It's almost the same. France and Italy are very close.

What Does Bella Mean In Spanish

What Does Bella Mean In Spanish

This is Italy for beauty. Well, there are no words in French.

I thought Bella was Italian, but that meant beauty, beauty.

It's not French, it's Spanish, Italian or Latin. But that means beautiful.

What Does Bella Mean In Spanish