What Does Bc Stand For

What Does Bc Stand For

What does BC mean in email?

In fact, it's BCC. That means carbon copy. When you type someone's address into the CC box, you're sending a copy of that person's email to another person. In other words, it's not for them, but you want them to see it too. Your name and address will also appear in the first field emails in this field. If you type someone else's email address into the carbon copy box, the other person you're sending it to won't know that you've sent that information to someone else.

For example, if you want to tell your friend Jack a secret and you want to tell your friend Mary this secret, but you don't want Jack to know that you told Mary this, then you Will do Enter Maria's email address. In the Bcc field

BC means copy. It's similar to CC (which means carbon copy) but is invisible to other email recipients.

For example, if you are e-mailing your teacher about a problem in your class and you want the head of the department to know about it, contact the head of the department on the BC line. Add That way, the department head will get a copy, but you sent an e-mail through the professor that will not be found.

BC means copy.

By entering an email address in the Copy field, you can email this person without anyone else knowing.

When typewriters were used to write business letters, carbon paper was placed between two sheets of paper to make a copy for another car recipient. A CC will appear at the end of the letter to show the first recipient the name of any carbon copy recipient.

A copy may be provided to the second recipient, but is not specified in the letter to the first recipient. (If you are secretive, embarrassed, or just wanting to ask the recipient if the other recipient is someone you don't know, they'll want to talk to them.) This will be a copy.

Old terms are still used today. Use CC when you want recipients to know who you're copying with. Bcc When you want to copy someone without notifying the recipient. What helps, for example?

This means that the e-mail was sent years ago, in fact at the time of Jesus.

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Copy, d. H You have sent a copy to an unknown recipient, the other person you sent it to will not know that you sent it to that person.

Copy (which means you can copy someone in an email and no one can see the recipient)

What Does Bc Stand For

What Does Bc Stand For

Copy, d. H You can use this section to send a message to other recipients that it has been sent to them.

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What Does Bc Stand For