What Does Audacity Mean

What Does Audacity Mean

What is meant by fat? ۔

The dictionary doesn't help, can you describe it in your own words?

And is it bad or something?

Courage | Set Audacity for polygons. 1. Courage or courage, especially for self-confidence or personal safety with arrogant insults, conventional outbursts, or other reluctance.

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au · dacÃ, · · iÃ,  · ty (ed st) n.PL. auÃ' · dacÃ'  iÃ' · bond. 1. Courage and fearless courage. 2. A bold or provocative ban immediately ...

It can be seen as bad (harmful) and good (complementary).

He had the courage to accuse me of stealing, but I had the courage to prove him wrong.

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Explain the courage

If someone calls you by the wrong name, you can say that they have the courage to tell me. It's like you have the guts to say it. It means being rude to other people. Then it's worse.

He dared to break up with me immediately.

For everyday people, courage means courage. Everything can be good or bad, it depends on your opinion. I thought you had stockings.

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What Does Audacity Mean

What Does Audacity Mean

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What Does Audacity Mean