What do you write instead of sincerely?

What do you write instead of sincerely?

It really depends on the formality of the your letter/email.
Here are some sign-off examples of formal letters/emails:

  1. All the best
  2. Best
  3. Best regards
  4. Best wishes
  5. Fond regards
  6. Kind regards
  7. Looking forward to hearing from you
  8. Regards
  9. Thank you
  10. Thanks again
  11. With appreciation
  12. With gratitude

Here are some sign-off examples of informal letters/emails:

  1. Cheers
  2. Faithfully
  3. Many thanks
  4. Warmly
  5. Yours truly

However, just an extra note: never sign-off a letter/email with any of these when you’re writing formally (e.g business-related emails) :

  1. Love
  2. Talk soon
  3. See ya
  4. See ya later
  5. See you
  6. XOXO
  7. Thx
  8. Hugs
  9. Emoticons/emojis

There are a lot of different words which can replace the word ‘sincerely.’ For instance, you can use such words; best wishes, best regards, kind regards, respectfully, with thanks.
Best wishes, is positive. I remain, is very professional or uptight. “In health,” is appropriate given quaruntine situations. Best regards, is professional.

I’ve seen “Just dance,” or “As you were,” and even “Say that then,”. It’s pretty much up to you.

If youre a doctor, or a lawyer, “Just Dance”, or “Keep on dancing,” might not be something that shows your dedication to your proffession, or how carefully you studied ethics and what the oath of your profession means to you. It’s a verbal lip disc, a bone through your septum on vellum with verbs in tattoo ink.

What message do you want to send?
Prayers, say your very religious, maybe a fanatic.
Ciao for now, makes you a felon or Italian.
Hoyt, is Native American see you later.

A professor I had spoke eighteen different languages. She impressed me with her knowledge of languages, and the ability to translate thoughts smoothly across several of them.

Get this her native language is French, she said her french accent was always apparant in any language.She end with one word.


End you emails, texts and letters with something unique and comfortable for you, a word that gives a glimpse into who you are, or want to be. Maybe even for who you are addressing.


Bye Bye now.

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with best regards
with best wishes
with lots of prayers and love