What Do Unicorns Eat

What Do Unicorns Eat

What does a unicorn eat? ۔

The unicorn is cooking and they are just the magical parents of rsc. You can eat CSR that you eat, such as grass and oats, as a regular meal. To maintain their magical and nutritious nutrition, they must eat strong and exotic species of plants. You don't even have to drink water, because they give water to goblins (the magical feature of a unicorn is that it purifies the water from other magical powers). They prefer flowers that live near waterfalls, such as Neptune's rare and magical frog trap (where they eat flower buds, not plants). On the other hand, if you have part of a unicorn pegasi, they are Hawaiian spirits and eat fruit from tree tops, like the rare and mysterious giant oak in Agaskar's Lion Dream (also called Lux ​​fruit for its shiny and magnificent diamond). is called). Remember that half of the Pegasus unicorns need to drink water. It is also important to have a saline solution for your unicorn.

We can only speculate about a unicorn. As you can see, there are two conflicting ideas about what you eat and what you don't.

The first assumption is that you eat like normal RSC, cereals, oats, grass, etc. The eyes are described in the title of m, moving towards r, carefully cutting through gr. This behavior can also be explained, perhaps the animal is eating just because you expect it to, or maybe for some other purpose. It is not known.

Second, although it sounds crazy and wild, it is widely accepted. It is believed that the animal does not need to eat anything because it is an art animal. It only absorbs solar energy from the sun and emits energy directly. Many people think that rn plays an important role in this process.

Rainbow and mountain dew

What to eat RSC and rainbow and exotic and abundant plant species.

Well I did some science tests and I thought their life was better, they ate the most calorie popsicles you can find in Kruger.

They eat plants like fruits and leaves, spices, nuts. Or a rainbow

They eat rainbows and erf: D.

What Do Unicorns Eat