What Do Sirens Eat

What Do Sirens Eat

Do mermaids eat after killing sailors? ۔

I have never had a direct answer to this, I have seen movies where mermaids take them to the depths of the sea to fly, but I never know what will happen next.

What Matsyangri and Matsyangri do with their captives depends on this myth.

The most famous mermaid, Greek mythology, attracted sailors to the island through music. His plane sank, then slowed down and starved to death, all the while obsessed with music.

In another myth, they will use prisoners as children's toys for the next generation and then disappoint them. Elsewhere, they settle for them, usually to avenge those who have come out of the sea.

What happens often comes up, especially in children's stories. I've never seen your prisoner version eaten, but with lots of stories and myths it's definitely possible.

In Greek mythology, mermaids are actually women, not mermaids. As the sailors' ships climb over the rocky cliffs, the sirens of the sailors jump on us. Use its powerful clawed feet to lift the sailor, throw the prey on a rock, and slice the prey's bones and flesh. The mermaid then leaves the bones and eats the victim's fresh meat.


In Greek mythology, the Matsyangri are sailors who live on the island of Serinum Skopoli and are the daughters of the sea monsters Seto and the sea prince. With his magic song, he draws sailors to the rocks and sinks ships.

Some claim that mermaids are where the daughters of dumb young friends, Zeus and Demeter, play. When Penny was kidnapped by Hades to become the queen of the underworld, Demetrius cursed the mermaids to be monsters of knowledge. Mermaids are often portrayed as women with legs and wings that play a variety of music.

Odysseus ordered his men to cover their ears with wax and attach them to the mast so that they could hear the siren without damaging the ship.


Harrison said he is a spiritual creature like the Sphinx with WM, which has a lot in common and he knows the past and nature. Music works in silence during the day without wind. The end of the song is [14] Let the sailor's meat rot, stress suggests that he should not eat it. It is believed that their divine nature keeps their skins alive after they have been stolen, but they are unable to feed their visitors, and when they decide to leave, they starve to death. [Fifteen]

According to Hughes, mermaids should have survived only if humans could hear and listen to their songs.

Included from the Roman historian Pliny the Elder I. , Shattered. [18] In his notebook, Leonardo da Vinci wrote about mermaids: mermaids sing so softly that it calms the sailor, so she travels on a ship and the sailor falls asleep.


According to later legends, the mermaids were engaged after one or the other of these fiascos.

The Matsyangris got so angry when they saw a man listening to their music and were just running when they jumped into the sea and screamed.

Everything was done by Demeter as a pure siren punishment.

What Do Sirens Eat