What Do Lobsters Eat

What Do Lobsters Eat

What do lobsters eat? ۔

My sister wanted to know if lobsters eat human organs and she couldn't believe I didn't have an alternative.

! They are irritating and I can't believe people eat them.

I did a zoology course at university and my professor told me he was from the same family. Yes !

There are many of them in Ethiopia and the locals want to eat them. You will be hungry

What do lobsters eat?

Lobsters definitely eat human organs, generations ago they would throw garbage in the sea where they lived and they would turn into lobster feasts. Lobsters eat almost everything that comes their way, they are cleaners.

Lobsters usually eat a live diet that includes fish, shellfish, other shellfish, insects and some plants. They sometimes dig when needed and can use captive cannabis, something that has never been seen in the forest.

Lobsters are fish and eat everything.

Seafood eat seafood. They help keep the ocean clean.

What Do Lobsters Eat

What Do Lobsters Eat

Oh, they will surely eat the thugs. And whatever they can put on their toes.

Como and other cleaners eat almost anything, including human organs.


They also filter food. And eat shellfish.

For example, help!

What Do Lobsters Eat