What Direction Does The Sunset

What Direction Does The Sunset

Which direction (left or right) does the sun set with resonance in State M in October?

Between the summer solstice (June 22) and the winter solstice (December 22), the northern hemisphere faces the sun directly away from the face. The apparent position of the sun moves south, the area of ​​which is determined by sound.

Answer sir. From left to west.

From June 21 (UT) to December 21 (UT), sunrise and sunset change to the south every day. So if you watch the sunset in September and October, it's going south every day. When you see the sunset, it will be to your left.

June 21: Sunset 33 degrees northwest.

December 21: Sunset 32 ​​degrees southwest.

In October, the sunset moves 2.3 degrees with 5-day intervals.

What Direction Does The Sunset