What Comes After Trilogy

What Comes After Trilogy

What happened after the Trinity? 3

I know there are dologes and trilogies. But what comes next? The fourth film in a series of films like Taxable Resident Evil Mission and The Scream.

A series of four entries can be called quadrilogy (e.g., alien quadrilogy), but there are no hard and fast rules for w to refer to things that come after the trilogy. Many entries (James Bond, Harry Terry) are often missing.

What happened after the Trinity?

So isn't this just a series (ie people still call Bond movies Bond series)?

Star Wars movies (six movies) are now called Star Wars Saga.

I'm not sure if the next BT movie (both parts look like the last chapter of Harry's being) will be part of the Lord of the Rings movie, because they are definitely related.

But of course Ewoks movies will not be included in the Star Wars saga, even if some of the characters are the same and in the same universe.

It depends on whether you prefer Greek or Latin. A series of two will inevitably become diology or dialogues.

The two languages ​​are then transliterated into three, both preceded by a try for trilogy. There will be four quadrilogy or tetrology. Five can be a quantology or pantology. Six hexas will start with or in decimals. Then seven or seven and then one to eight paths are crossed. Sew your poison, nothing official. If you find it difficult to follow, think of Sammy, Hemi, and Medium.

Although quadrilogy is a general term for things that come after the trilogy, the technically correct answer is tetralogy. It is defined as a series of four interconnected works, such as in theater or opera. It can also be used in four films.

A quadrilogy.


What Comes After Trilogy

What Comes After Trilogy

A quadrilogy

A grid


What Comes After Trilogy