What Color Is Sasuke's Hair

What Color Is Sasuke's Hair

What is the color of Sasuke's hair !? 3

At first I pressed what it was, but look


http://narutoart.uw.hu/_groups_/TomB1000__Naruto_M ...


People say her hair is very black ...

Note: This is lighting. The light was reflected from the way Kashimoto was shining.

I forgot what it is called.

But it is a color that you can see, but in the light it is blue.

As far as I know, your hair. It's just that your hair turns dark blue when the light shines on it, just like real hair. For example, my brother's hair is very dark, but when it is light you can see the light brothers and some are red. People's hair often reflects warm colors like red or very cool colors like lavender. =] I see it helps!

Sounds like it, but with a touch of blue. For siblings and patients with purple hair, this is just a moderate effect.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

As far as purple-gray is concerned, it's just the color of your Chris Cell 2 form of hair ... so it doesn't matter. of the

Her hair is dark blue because in the anime and on the anime cover she has blue haircuts, even Uchia like Itachi has dark hair, I think her hair is dark blue but can she cut her hair? Can color or color?

I would say, or very dark blue.

What Color Is Sasuke's Hair

What Color Is Sasuke's Hair

I think it should be deep blue ... mostly it looks ... but sometimes it looks blue.

It depends on the person. I have jet black hair and I like it, and I have blonde friends who like it.

Like this or a very deep dark blue ... Okay um the last picture is interesting ... Okay one is confused I kissed my Sasuke and Naruto I kissed my episode 3 when they were kissing this one There was an accident. Hahahaha. A boy did it. He was beaten in Naruto Sasuke. Like this episode.

What Color Is Sasuke's Hair