What Color Antifreeze Does Toyota Use

What Color Antifreeze Does Toyota Use

What is Toyota Pink Coolant?

Toyota Red and Toyota Pink are both ethylene glycol-based coolants, but with different corrosion inhibitors. Toyota’s official word is that the new Toyota Pink is backwards compatible with all old Toyotas. To use pink in your old Toyota, contact your dealer.

I also asked what’s the difference between red and pink Toyota coolant?

Pink is an OAT (organic acid technology) with the possibility of a longer lifespan, while red is an IAT, which means that inorganic and inorganic acid technology is considered conventional and therefore viable, although the Toyota Red also has additives with a long lifespan it seems.

What color is Toyota’s coolant too?

Toyota’s coolant is pink / orange … not red, not green. The main component of Toyota coolant is actually ethylene glycol, but with additives and without silicates, ideal for radiators and aluminum heads / blocks. Its OAT, organic acid technology.

Which engine coolant is the pink one?


APPLICATION Asian cars and light vehicles requiring phosphate based OAT coolants
FORMULATION Based on ethylene glycol. ### Free of silicate, borate, nitrite and amine
How long does Toyota Pink coolant last? 5 years

What kind of coolant does Toyota use?

Prestone 50/50 for Toyota Cars is a mixture of concentrated antifreeze / coolant and deionized water. Prestone 50/50 Diluted Antifreeze / Coolant for Toyota Cars is compatible with ALL antifreeze / coolants regardless of color and can be used in ALL makes and models of light cars and trucks.

Which color of coolant should I use?

The truth is, color isn’t a reliable indicator of what type of coolant you have. For example, OAT refrigerants are typically orange, yellow, red or purple. HOAT coolants are generally orange and yellow. So the old IAT coolant is green.

Can you mix red and pink Toyota antifreeze?

DO NOT MIX pink and red, they are not compatible! You have an 02 4Runner, yours takes red, mix it with 50% water. Pink is a completely different coolant than red, it’s not just a premixed red, RED is 50/50 thicker even after being mixed and works differently than ROSE on gaskets.

Which antifreeze is red?


When did Toyota start using pink coolant?

Can I use Cool Dex in a Toyota?

Dex Cool is not the same as Toyota Liquid. Even so, it is good to use DexCool in your Toyota. Toyota fluid is pretty standard but does not use silicates. This prolongs the life of the water pump.

Can you mix pink and green antifreeze?

  • The performance of these products can be adversely affected when mixed with conventional refrigerants. Don’t mix the two. It’s very simple: if your coolant doesn’t freeze you can only add DexCool or clean tap water, if your coolant is green you can use standard antifreeze and additives for the standard cooling system.

What color is Toyota Extended Life coolant?

Toyota’s Super Long Life Turned coolant is light pink. It was light pink when I first filled the cooler, as well as the bottle funnel, so the system could burp more efficiently.

What if you put the wrong coolant in the car?

Using the wrong coolant can gradually lead to corrosion and damage to the water pump, radiator, radiator hoses and cylinder gasket. In the worst case, it can damage the engine.

Is pink coolant universal?

What color is propylene glycol coolant?


Are the coolant and antifreeze the same?

Antifreeze is often used as one of the components of a coolant mixture - coolant is usually a 5050 split between antifreeze and water. Antifreeze (especially ethylene glycol, the main ingredient) is used to lower the freezing point of the fluid circulating in the vehicle’s engine.

Can I just add coolant to my car?

Open the hood and locate the engine coolant reservoir. If the coolant level is low, add the correct coolant to the container (not the radiator itself). Only diluted coolant or a 50/50 mixture of concentrated coolant and distilled water can be used.

Does the coolant used play a role?

Well, you are using the coolant which is listed in the owner’s manual. If all you have to do is top up, the advice remains the same, but adding a gallon of a different coolant is unlikely to cause serious problems if you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

What is the difference between red and green coolant?

Why is my coolant red?

Red coolant is usually GM. Pouring red coolant into a Ford system destroys things. The coolant may also be red due to a leak in the transcooler radiator.

Which coolant should I use?

What Color Antifreeze Does Toyota Use