What Are The Top Places To Visit During Honeymoon In Kerala?

1. Alleppey

Alleppey is one of the best Kerala honeymoon packages in Kerala without a shadow of a doubt. It is also the most popular destination for backwater especially if you sail from Kollam on the longest houseboat ride through the backwaters of the palm fringe. The trip offers panoramic views of the interconnected waters, the lagoons, and canals.

We offer one of the most enjoyable tours in the backwater of Alleppey, where you will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable experience. Long palm trees and local villages border the waterways, even the local cuisine is fresh and delicious. Alleppey is a perfect place for couples who want a pleasant and relaxing luncheon.

2. Munnar

Munnar is another top honeymoon destination in Kerala, a beautiful hillside resort, with never ending stretches of tea groves, magnificent valleys, and the mountains. Munnar is one of the highest hilltop resorts in South India with numerous cascades, tea and spice plantations and exotic plantings.

In addition, the panorama it offers is amazing. This green mountain range is just a haven of peace. Munnar is one of the most ideal places to take part in your honeymoon tour in Kerala with activities such as nature walks, moderate hiking, sightseeing and tea tours. In Indian summer holidays Munnar has also been considered to be one of the highest hills.

3. Wayanad

It’s a very rare, natural attraction in the hilly country of Wayanad on southern Deccan Plateau. There are lush green forests, picturesque valleys, and calm lakes covering the square.

Check out the place for couple who want to try a bit of an adventure or visit the local villages in Wayanad in order to discover their culture and way of life. You can relax in the comfort of the resort with your partner and visit the various attractions on the site.

4. Kumarakom

It has become more well-known because it has a Bird Sanctuary along the waterways. Kumarakom is a famous Kerala waterway destination. Cruising through Kumarakom is another experience; the ride is serene, with views of the lush trees, Lake Vembanad and colourful exotic birds.

Numerous migratory birds and exotic plants can be found in the sanctuary. Kumarakom is well maintained and is surrounded by lovely and comfortable resorts. Honeymoons will be under fine services and hospitality when visiting this place.

5. Vagamon

Vagamon is another hilly place, perfect for a honeymoon trip. The greenery is spotless; the grassy hills are the tea groves and the wild wilderness. This beautiful Vagamon Hill station – Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala – is connected with three hills.

The couples can start their journey in this place of peace and relaxation. You can even enjoy adventurous activities, such as hiking, paragliding, climbing, boat trips and much more.

6. Bekal

In the district of Kerala, Bekal is a small but beautiful town. There are lovely beaches, waterfalls, fortresses, and other attractions perfect for your partner. In the same place you can take romantic pictures, the largest fortress in Kerala. Bekal is one of the highest places in Kerala due to its beautiful surroundings and magnificent forts.

7. Marari Beach

Marari Beach is ideal, not far from Alleppey in Kerala, for couples who want to visit the Kerala backwater and spend time on an isolated beach. This is the ideal place to laze your partner around. While Marari Beach is quiet, on weekends and on holidays often it gets crowded. Plan and have the best experiences for your honeymoon.

8. Kochi

Kochi is a magnificent destination offering a calm and romantic honeymoon in a beautiful setting. You will be fascinated by the glorious history which has been shaped throughout the centuries. In Kochi you can’t miss the unique culture, lifestyle, arts and local cuisine. The exquisite beauty of the place offers a great backdrop for your romantic night.

9. Kovalam

Kovalan is one of the best places to go for a honeymoon ride, an idyllic coastal city in Kerala. It is famous for its three shallow crescent waters and shallow waters. Not only this, but also Kovalam has lovely resorts and massage centres where you can enjoy a couple of spas.


Do not forget to shop for the rich spices, wooden statues and crafts which are popular in your holiday during honeymoon.