What are the Tips For Choosing the Right Carpet?

A carpet in an apartment is a beautiful accessory and a means of keeping warm and creating comfort. Depending on which rug you choose, you can create a safe play space for children or insulate the room for winter. You will learn about the features of selecting wall to wall carpets for an apartment from our article.

Varieties of carpets

Many of you have wondered: “Which carpet is better to buy for your home?” Today the market is overflowing with different types and offers carpets that are made from a variety of materials:

1. Wool.

2. Silks.

3. Viscose.

4. Cotton.

5. Jute.

6. Polyamide.

7. Polypropylene.

8. Polyester.

Speaking about the material features, it should be noted that they are versatile and suitable as the right carpet for a nursery or a carpet for a hall, which can be chosen from a variety of colors and patterns. However, the material from which the carpet is woven determines other qualities that are important in everyday life:

speed of carpet contamination;
• ease of cleaning;
• brightness and preservation of the original color;
• wear rate of the carpet web;
• fire-fighting properties;
• toxicity;
• pleasant to the touch.

General tips for choosing carpet

The first thing to look for when buying a carpet is its color and how quickly it will get dirty. What color to buy a carpet, this is a purely individual matter. The buyer can be guided by completely different selection criteria:

  1. not soiled;
  2. matching the color scheme of the room;
  3. favorite color;
  4. using a similar carpet earlier;
  5. sympathy for an unusual pattern on the carpet.

Please note that on the floor in the living room, the carpet is chosen, as a rule, monochromatic and without patterns. In a nursery or bedroom, it can also be with floral or geometric patterns, images of the child’s favorite cartoon characters.

How to choose a carpet for hallway?

Before choosing a carpet for your floor, consider what color the floor is in the room. It is laid out with tiles or linoleum, whether it is warm there, in winter. Should the wall to wall carpet warm the household or just be a decorative element?

You can choose the color of the carpet from a rich palette, where you can find both plain carpets and geometric intricate patterns. There is no need to adhere to any strict framework. It should slowly get dirty because all your household and pets will pass here every day.

How do you know that you have chosen a good carpet? It’s simple - it shouldn’t get dirty quickly, please you with its shape, color scheme, and shouldn’t cause allergies. When buying, especially carefully read the composition of carpet materials - it is not uncommon for cheap models to be made of low-quality material, which causes allergies in the buyer.

Features of choosing a carpet for the kitchen

Not many people are laying carpet in the kitchen today. Which one is better to choose so as not to be upset?

  1. Firstly, it should not be in light colors, which will help hide stains on it.
  2. Secondly, make sure it won’t slide on the floor. If you slip on the carpet, you can get injured or spill soup in your hands all over the room.

Another important consideration is the size and shape of the carpet. Decide whether it should occupy the central part of the room or occupy the entire visible space. Choosing the right rug is the first step to success. Generally, people prefer rectangular or oval carpets. They occupy the entire central part of the kitchen and are easy to roll up and take out while cleaning the floors.

How to choose a carpet for the living room and other rooms?

Each hostess tries to furnish her living room exquisitely and tastefully. Therefore, you need to buy a carpet in the living room in the colors of the interior of the room, without patterns and drawings. He must be discreet and not draw much attention to himself. It is best to opt for natural materials such as silk or wool.

If your children spend a lot of time in the living room, then when buying a carpet, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is soft and has a high degree of thermal insulation. Thanks to this, children will not catch colds while playing on the carpet.

Before choosing a carpet for the bedroom, think about whether you are planning to change the interior in the future. After all, if, after the repair, the color scheme of the room changes, then the purchased carpet will look pretentious and inappropriate in it. In the bedroom, you need to choose a soft, cozy, and pleasant carpet in all respects.

It should be pleasant for you to stand on it with bare feet in the morning and start your day with a smile. Much depends on the size - it will be a large wall to wall carpet for the whole room or a small rug by the bed.

Final words

The colors, patterns, and designs should also match your taste. The bedroom is your personal space, so all the objects around you should bring moral satisfaction. You don’t need to buy a rug that you saw from someone or get a rug in a boring, discreet color, because it is necessary. Allow yourself more colors and patterns, color prints in your personal space. For both girls and men, you can find a lot of carpets with flowers, patterns, geometric patterns, and the juiciest shades.

Let the purchased carpet not only carry practical qualities but also please you with its appearance!